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The perfect

The perfect should feel happy

Be that a he or a she

When others do like, not envy

And if to emulate too do they try

Bringing joy and pride

For others only; and worthy to survive.


‘Stray Birds’ of Tagore

‘Stray Birds’ of Tagore, a righteous poet laureate

Composed with noble will and wide open intellect

Torn into pieces by the wild fang of Feng Tang

A vagrant ignoble Chinese in the guise of retelling

Into a literary form, thrived only in shaping it

Into a vulgar ritual of art with all its perversion.

Immortal in death

Emile Zola created Nana

Hemingway her Catherine

Kept alive till the avid readers

Were hooked to all their charms

Both were meted with certain death

So they were never ever left to forget.

Words of Kipling

‘Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind’

Were the drugs prescribed and dispensed too by Rudyard Kipling

Copiously imbibed in all his works, love or hate, as you may

A cultural elite yet variegated among men in collars blue; being

A man of his time, transmuting from anti-regal to colonial in mind

Lived and tramped in an era, long gone by, scarpering only his words.

The day

There shall be a day when I shall not be here to stay

The sun will still rise and all else would look alike

And without me shall endure, prosper and survive

As if I was never there; so I raise the eternal query

Why have I been here; and to find the answer

I look back and find even without me everywhere.

Miracles of science

Science causing amazing miracles for us to marvel
From the Nano world thru’ Cosmology and time travel
DNA tests revealing and unraveling dark mysteries
Imagine Mohd Ali Jinnah found to be born as a Hindu
Hitler’s natural father none but an ultra orthodox Jew
Would you rewrite history or discard as conspiracy theory.

Making Hajj stampede free

Hajj pilgrimage, circling Kabaa and stoning the Satan away
A must for every believer once in his lifetime, as the holy men say
Yet the ominous heat and fatigue, oh, the abysmal fatal stampede
Keeping you at bay; while you scratch your head how to escape
May you seek idolatry with icons of Kabaa coolly in your own place
Or going digital be hassle-free with an i-Kabaa turning into a virtual e-Hajji.