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A smart USA now leaving Pakistan

January 3, 2012

Pampering Pakistan in a foolhardy way over decades
Britain finally met on its home soil with the deadly abuse
A blind USA felt the jolt only lately in its now thinned purse
While it is too late and beyond reversal for the foolish British
Prudent Americans are readying for a smart hasty exit, leaving
An orphan Pakistan begging for adoption by the Chinese dragon.


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  1. anjaan permalink

    The monster of Pakistan is a creation of the Anglo-Americans. It is the military, economic and diplomatic support of the Anglo-Americans for the past five decades, that runs into tens of billions of dollars, that have contributed to what Pakistan is.

    The Pakistani nukes will not see the light of the day without the connivance of the US under Reagan.

    Therefore leaving behind a monster for adoption is nothing but a premeditated evil, in order to destabilize Asia where the center of gravity of world economics and geo-politics of 21st century will be located.

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